The person who conducts the funeral service provides emotional support and comfort to everyone present, which is why it’s important to choose one carefully. Here are some things to think about to help decide.


Choosing a Celebrant

We are very lucky to have many wonderful celebrants and people able to take a funeral service in South Canterbury to choose from. They conduct the ceremony as per the families and person who has passed wishes and offer advice on how the service should progress. Some reasons for choosing a celebrant include:

  • The person didn’t want a religious ceremony
  • Celebrants offer a flexible and personalised service as they don’t have to follow a set religious order
  • Some family and guests are not religious or want a neutral ceremony that doesn’t favour a single religious denomination

Choosing a Clergy

Ministers belong to a particular religious order and will follow the rituals prescribed by the religion for the funeral service. They can plan a unique and personalised service as long as it is within their religious requirements. Benefits of choosing a minister can include:

  • The person was a religious person and would have preferred a religious ceremony
  • Spiritual and religious people will find comfort and solace in a ceremony performed by a clergy
  • The funeral ceremony outline and format is often familiar
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