It can be a daunting task to sum up one’s life in a eulogy and impossible to do so in a few minutes. However, we can tell stories and recall memories in valuable and imaginative ways to ensure their memory and life story is very much alive. A eulogy is a summary which covers key and interesting aspects of the person’s life and where we can remember who they were. It can be read by a family member, close friend or the clergy/celebrant. Sometimes family members or friends may feel unable to speak themselves but have important things they want to say, so remember to check and perhaps find a way to include these in the eulogy.

A eulogy can often encourage others to share their stories and memories with their own special tributes. Anecdotes are a wonderful way to celebrate life – there is no reason to avoid the things that were funny to you and your loved person and we encourage everyone who wants to say a few words to do so, if the family have chosen to have an open time for tributes during the service.

Below are some ideas of what could be included:

  • How would your loved one like to be remembered? How would they may describe themselves and their life.
  • A brief life history including personal, family and career highlights.
  • Important relationships.
  • Achievements or awards.
  • Interests, sports, clubs, community involvement and hobbies.
  • What were the things and values your loved one believed in
  • The things about your loved one that you and your family most appreciated and admired
  • Stories that highlight your loved one’s character or sense of humour.
  • Think about other significant people who will be affected by their passing
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