The exceptional care and respect that Betts Funeral Services gives to the person that has died begins from the time they are transferred from the place of death to our funeral home. This standard of care continues right through the entire process of the funeral preparations.


When you advise us of the death we will ask you whether you wish the deceased to be embalmed and we can assist you with this decision depending on the circumstances of each family and their wishes.

There are three reasons for embalming:

  • The body is sanitised. Micro-organisms are rendered harmless, making the person safe to touch.
  • The body is preserved. Decomposition is halted for a while, enabling arrangements to be made and allowing time for the family to gather for the funeral.
  • The body is well presented for viewing. The person can be dressed in their own clothes, have their hair styled, and their natural colour restored.

If the person looks as good as possible after they have died, their family is left with a much better ‘memory picture’ than they might otherwise have. People have found this to be very helpful in the longer term and it helps them move through the grief process.

Minimal Preparation

If a family is not wanting to have their loved one embalmed, we can do a simple preparation. This involves bringing the person into our care, washing, dressing in their own clothes and then placing them into the chosen casket. This is a good option if the burial or cremation is taking place soon after the person has died.

Some people can be concerned with the chemicals that can be used during the embalming process and there are some environmentally friendly options that can be discussed with the funeral director.

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