Your funeral director will give you an estimate of the costs of the funeral when you are arranging and will work with you to meet your needs in this regard.


The account from Betts is individualised and will generally be made up of things such as service fees, preparation of your loved one, vehicle transfers and a casket. It may include other items such as crematorium or cemetery fees, newspaper notices, doctor’s fees, flowers, catering or multimedia options such as the service sheets. We do not charge for after hours or weekend time that your family needs us, it is all part of the care we provide. The account is sent out two weeks after the date of death and the due date will be six weeks after the date of death. An account administration fee is added to our accounts and if the invoice is paid by the due date, this fee will be deducted. Betts will work with families on a case by case basis in regards to the invoice, as we understand the processes and paperwork after someone has died can be time consuming and difficult.

Financial Assistance

Betts can provide a full range of services to suit most budgets and are here to help create a fitting funeral service within your means. We can also advise on the financial assistance available from WINZ and ACC for families needing help with funeral costs.

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