The choice of venue is completely up to you and is an important aspect of planning a funeral. We encourage you to talk about your ideas with us so we can guide you, depending on the numbers attending and any other wishes for the service.

The Betts chapel and its amenities are available for funeral services with the chapel comfortably seating 200 people and an adjoining area to extend seating for large public funerals.

If the person that has died was a member of a religious denomination or culture, often the service will be held in their church or marae.

A service can be held in the family home or any other setting that has significance to the person who has died, such as a garden or sports club.

When arranging a large funeral, families sometimes choose a venue appropriate to the amount of people that will attend and there are many places around South Canterbury that fulfil this need such as the SBS Stadium, Caroline Bay Hall, Twizel Event Centre or any large gathering place around the district. Betts specialise in having the expertise and equipment to be able to set up a service in any location.

Our local crematorium also has options for a small private service or a large full funeral service

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