Funeral Pre-planning

Pre-planning and Pre-payment

What is Pre-planning?

Today, more and more people are planning their funerals in advance. Pre-planning, or pre-arranging as this is commonly known, is simply taking care of your funeral service details before the need arises. Working together with a licensed funeral company such as Betts Funeral Services, who has special training and experience, will assure these details will be taken care of.

How to pre-arrange your funeral?

The team at Betts Funeral Services can talk you through every detail of a funeral service and give you all of the options you have, either individually or as a family. We are available to come to your home or meet at our office, at any time you wish. Alternatively, we can send you an information pack for pre-payment of a funeral and a form to record your wishes, simply contact us to arrange.

Why pre-plan or pre-pay?

  • You want to ease the burden on your family - if your wises are unknown when you pass, your family will be faced with making difficult decisions at a challenging time
  • You want to assume the financial responsibility for your funeral service - planning ahead enables you to make financial arrangements to cover your funeral costs. Betts can offer two secure options for pre-paying for your funeral through the FDANZ Trust (Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand) or the Public Trust
  • You want your final wishes to be followed - if you have specific wishes to be cremated or buried, favourite music you wish to be played or even a favourite food to be served at the service, all these help your family create the perfect farewell that you wished for
  • You want your family to have the benefit of a meaningful farewell - a funeral service is especially important for a grieving family to help them through the healing and grieving process
  • You want to be self-reliant and have your affairs in order at the end of your life - now is the time to plan when you can think clearly while making these important decisions