Funeral pre-planning

Benefits of Pre-planning and Pre-payment

Enjoy Peace of Mind

  • Your service will reflect your wishes, because you took the time to preplan and personalise your funeral.
  • You will be satisfied knowing you have relieved your family and friends of future financial and emotional burdens.
  • You have made a wise financial decision by prefunding your funeral expenses.
  • Now is the time to plan when you can think clearly while making these important decisions.

What is Pre-planning?

Today, more and more people are planning their funerals in advance. Preplanning, or prearranging as this is commonly known, is simply taking care of your service details before the need arises. Working together with a Licensed Funeral Director, who has special training and experience will assure these details will be taken care of.

Do you want a traditional funeral or simple memorial service? Burial or cremation? In addition, you can choose to personalise specific items such as people to notify, location, readings or favorite songs, flowers, clothing, and anything else that is important to you.

Why Pre-plan?

Make your wishes known.

Your family and friends don’t have to guess what you want when you share your thoughts with them. And, by putting it in writing, you can be sure you’ll get the service you have planned for.

Personalise Your Service.

What is a Prearrangement?  

Prearrangement is the planning of your funeral service. You can include payment of the service, but it is not required. Although, if you choose to pre-pay, it freezes the cost of all services and merchandise at today's prices - protecting your children and grandchildren from incurring additional costs. By making prearrangements for yourself or a loved one and pre-funding the funeral, your family will not have to make important financial decisions during a time of much stress and grief.

By choosing to prearrange, your family will know your wishes and it will keep them from having to make some difficult decisions.