Common Questions

What is the purpose of a funeral?

A funeral service is a celebration of the life on earth that has now passed. A memorable funeral service is for the living, those who mourn. It is a time to express grief for the loss of the loved one; a time of remembrance; a time of sharing; a time to say goodbye.

What is a funeral trust?

Funds which you use to pre-fund your funeral are deposited into an interest-bearing trust in your name (money put in a funeral trust should remain in the account until your death). In case of a move or deciding on another funeral home, you may transfer the funds at or before the time of need.

What is the cost of a funeral?

Costs incurred will depend on the type of service selected and choice of casket. Additional expenses may include burial plot (if not already owned), minister or celebrant fees and flowers. We are happy to discuss various funeral options; you are under no obligation.

Is cremation less expensive?

When cremation is chosen, there are several options that vary the price. But, yes, cremation is less expensive than traditional burial.

What if I can't attend a funeral?

Being able to attend the funeral of a loved one is the final opportunity that family and friends have to publicly express their love and respect for the deceased. It is an important event in the grieving process, and a time when friends and family can support each other in their grief.

So, what happens when you are unable to attend?

Betts Funeral Services offers a variety of services which help absent mourners to experience the funeral ceremony, as well as providing a lasting record of the ceremony for the family.

These services include the following, and are all available on request:

  • The ceremony audio can be recorded on CD.
  • The ceremony can be videoed and recorded on a DVD.
  • Photographs of the deceased and/or the ceremony can be taken.
  • Copies of the memorial book can be made.
  • The service can be viewed live via the internet.